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Who, and what are we???

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Well, for starters...  Not your typical remodeling and refinishing company!

We follow our creed "We do what the builder or realtor did not...  ...make your house your home; make your office your signature....".   Consequently, Prize Finish does not work like other finishing and remodeling companies.  We aren't out to do the job quickly, we are here to do the job right.  This means teaming with you and finding out exactly what you desire to make your house a home to you, or have your office accurately represent your image.  Successfully creating your dream for your home or office demands that we embrace your projects with the same enthusiasm, commitment and care that you do.

Our experienced staff offers you access to our extensive craftsman skills and resources to focus on a successful outcome to your project.   Our proactive customer approach is demonstrated by the dozens of projects and skills we have developed for clients in the course of our projects.

The Advantages of Prize Finish Services

1934 Brick Tudor Exterior

Prize Finish strives to fulfill your needs...

Prize Finish strives to fulfill your needs unlike other builders and remodelers.  We go the extra mile.  We will avoid "cookie-cutter" solutions.   You may have noticed manufacturers are scrimping on building materials.  For instance, 36" exterior doors used to be the rule; now 34" are the standard, and 36" doors are harder to find.  If you want a 36" door, we will find it, or make it.

Working with old...

Prize Finish has also done plaster and incorporated antique woodwork.  See our portfolio and list of services.  We have restored some homes to allow them to be placed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.  We have custom milled thousands of feet of moldings to make homes historically correct or give the home a greater presence than what is available off the shelf.

We are unafraid to mix old with new, or work in either individually.

Working with new...

We can provide you with technology in your home - whether it be with modern building materials, wiring your computer or entertainment network, or installing a nanny cam or closed ciruit TV monitoring system.

Prize Finish has the resources, skills, organization and innovative thinking to support your home improvement and repair needs!!!